Ocusonic, Chasing Waves, 2011 Digitised analog audio visual installation
Ocusonic, Chasing Waves, 2011
Digitised analog audio visual installation

The Joinery

Richard Forrest, Adam Gibney, Ocusonic

November 7 – November 16

The era of the internet has hailed the most significant cultural shift in the twenty first century. The way we interact with technology to mediate our lives is unprecedented. InterPlay explores artists’ relationship with materiality, sound and visuals who work with technology as a genesis or point of origin.

Interplay_Richard forrest
Richard Forrest, Field of Vision, 2014
80 x 80 x 80 cm

Adam Gibney engages with sound and sculpture as a means to investigate semiotics and its relationship with technology. The sculptural work employs a mantra as a meditative tool to remove the viewer from reality; he is interested in this use of language not as a means of communication but to induce transcendental moments through repetition. Richard Forrest’s sculptural work infiltrates the digital world and breaks down imagery to its pixelated form, the result occupying the space between the virtual and the real. Ocusonic’s immersive installation explores the possibilities of creating visual music through the use of digital programming. The exhibition takes the viewer from the real to the virtual, creating a sense of inhabiting the inner workings of the digital world.

Interplay_Adam Gibney
Adam Gibney, Exercise 23: Mantric Formulations, 2013
Sound, sculpture and electronics


Interplay_Adam Gibney2
Adam Gibney, Exercise 29: Mantric Formulator, 2014
Sound, sculpture and electronics